22 January 2020

Week 1: New Theme

I chose a theme called "Picture Window" to update the old theme I have used for this blog since 2012, which was "Watermark." The version of Watermark that I used was brown, with flying birds, because I wanted to write a lot about environmental issues. For the new theme, I chose a version of "Picture Window" that also uses brown as an accent color. I also used dark text on a white background, because that is easiest to read,

This blog is a continuation of the blog I started in 2012, called "National Progressive Review," and stopped writing in 2013. I decided to kept the old URL, nationalprogressive.blogspot.com, because I don't want to run the risk of loosing it. Also, there are a few pages on the Net that have links to my blog, and I don't want to break those links.

The old articles are now unavailable because I set them all to "Draft." This was done to comply with the class assignment requirement that the blog only be used for class assignments.