A great democracy has got to be progressive, or it will soon cease to be great or a democracy."

- Theodore Roosevelt, 1910

03 August 2011

BREAKING! Teabaggers deny responsibility for the "Tea Party Recession"

By Hannah Miyamoto - HONOLULU
Creative Commons, 2011: CC-BY-NC-ND)

  The day President Obama signed the debt ceiling bill, Aug. 2, the Dow Jones Industrials index fell 266 points, continuing the longest series of down days in nearly three years. Clearly, all the spin from Fox News and the Republicans can't fool Wall Street, which knows its all-cuts-and-no-stimulus program means more disaster for the U.S. economy.
   Perceiving that the Tea Party is using manufactured crisis to create a manufactured economic depression--and knowing that Republicans would blame President Obama and the Democrats for it--I dubbed the future hard times the "Tea Party Recession" on my Facebook page (friending required).

   I am pleased to say that a Right-Wing blogger has already taken offense to my phrase, "Tea Party Recession." Ironically, he used a headline that makes my argument--as I quote verbatim: "Looks like the Tea Party Recession is Beginning!"
   The writer, one "tbascom," is clearly ignorant of the workings of macroeconomics, and instead indulges in a 1500-word tale of homely household finance like the ones Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann spin to their credulous cretinous Tea Party supporters. Whether "tbascom's" hairy chest-beating inanity came from Fox News or his own convoluted brain is immaterial.
   What matters is that "Tea Party Recession" is now a phrase in Google, and the Right Wing must start using the term in order to deny responsibility for the "Tea Party Recession." The more Republicans have to deny their responsibility for the "Tea Party Recession," the less effective their attempts to wrongly blame President Obama and the Democrats, the Party of Prosperity, fighting to keep from losing a generation of Americans to economic depression.

   Please SHARE and Link to this page to  help make Americans realize that their dreams are being devoured by the "Tea Party Recession" because--since the Tea Party started it--the Recession can be quickly ended by throwing out Tea Party legislators, reversing all their policies, and ending their anti-American campaign of economic sabotage.

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  1. I like it..... any offense taken if it gets twisted to "tea bagger recession" from time to time?

  2. Sure, use this term as you like. However, the media is unlikely to use a sharper term than "Tea Party Recession."

    Thank you for your support!